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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Frank's father, Bert, dies when?
(a) Spring, 1905.
(b) Summer, 1905.
(c) Autumn, 1905.
(d) Winter, 1905.

2. Nellie's brother, Charlie, writes to whom and how frequently?
(a) Nellie, sporadically.
(b) Nellie, at Christmas.
(c) Nellie, regularly.
(d) Frank, regularly.

3. In Chapter 14, what does Frank find upon arriving at work after hours?
(a) An individual ransacking his office.
(b) Tvyordov working.
(c) The night watchman sleeping.
(d) A student sitting at a stool.

4. What courses did Frank study prior to taking on an apprenticeship?
(a) Printing.
(b) Editing.
(c) Architechtural engineering.
(d) Mechanical engineering and printing.

5. When Frank interviews Lisa Ivanovna, how do Dolly and Ben seem to take to her?
(a) Not at all.
(b) Slowly initially.
(c) Very easily.
(d) Not too easily.

Short Answer Questions

1. Selwyn takes Charlie to a concert to hear Scriabin play what instrument?

2. Following the service for the patron saint of printing, Frank finds Tvyordor doing what?

3. Chapter 18 opens with Charlie admiring Moscow and viewing Frank's life as being out of what literary tale?

4. Frank initially takes on an apprenticeship where upon finishing his courses?

5. The night she follows Lisa in the woods outside the dacha, why is Dolly limping?

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