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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At home, Frank hires Dunyasha to help Nellie with what?
(a) The cooking.
(b) The general care of the home.
(c) The cleaning.
(d) The children.

2. While speaking with Lisa about the note Volodya stuck to her in the library, Selwyn appears, and Frank tells him what?
(a) He does not have time to meet with him at that moment.
(b) Excuse them, he and Lisa are busy right then.
(c) Depart or he will shove his teeth down his throat.
(d) This is not a particularly good time to talk to him.

3. In an effort to ingratiate himself with neighboring businesses, Frank arranges to pay for what?
(a) A night watchman for the whole block.
(b) Garbage disposal for the whole block.
(c) Fire service for the whole block.
(d) Clearing of snow for the entire block.

4. The day before Charlie is to return to Great Britain, he joins Frank en route to work how far?
(a) Several blocks.
(b) The tram.
(c) The bus.
(d) The end of the home's front walkway.

5. Frank initially takes on an apprenticeship where upon finishing his courses?
(a) At Culpeppers of Nottingham.
(b) At Coopers of Nottingham.
(c) At Croppers of Nottingham.
(d) At Croppers of Nottingham.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Lisa cut her hair at Frank's request, Dolly says he ought to what?

2. Whom does Frank inform Selwyn will be joining Reid Press?

3. What message does Frank send Tvyordov the morning after the break-in at the shop?

4. While Charlie is out with Selwyn, Frank calls on Mrs. Graham again to ask about whom?

5. When did Frank's father start his machinery sales business?

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