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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Selwyn states Frank's difficulty deciding about Miss Kinsman reflects what indecision?
(a) Whether Frank should hire a governess.
(b) Whether Frank should send Dolly and Ben to boarding school.
(c) What Frank should do about Miss Kinsman.
(d) What Frank should do about Nellie.

2. What does Frank ask Lisa to do?
(a) Wear her hair in a bun.
(b) Cut her hair.
(c) Wear her hair in plaits.
(d) Wear her hair in pigtails.

3. Where does Frank meet Kuriatin to discuss the issue when he fails to provide the wood?
(a) Frank's office at Reid Press.
(b) Kuriatin's office.
(c) Kuriatin's home.
(d) The steam room at the baths.

4. Frank does not see the outside world making a sufficient impression on Lisa for her to cry over what?
(a) Living in his home.
(b) Cutting her hair.
(c) Leaving her job at Muirka's.
(d) Being alone in the city.

5. What town does Lisa come from?
(a) Moscow.
(b) Baksan.
(c) Azov.
(d) Valdimir

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Frank doing when he receives the letter from Nellie in the opening chapter?

2. Frank's father, Bert, dies when?

3. Who pounds on the door of the location Frank finds his children at?

4. Where does Frank work in Frankfurt, Germany?

5. How does Frank respond to Dolly saying she thinks he asks too much of Nellie?

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