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Reid Press - This is the protagonist's business in Moscow.

22 Lipka Street - This is the leased residence in Moscow where the leading character and family live.

The English Chaplaincy - This is an outpost of England in Moscow.

The dacha - This is the protagonists' rough summer cottage.

The river - This is used to dispose of no-longer-wanted objects.

Rusalochka's - This is a super-crowded tea-room.

Tvyordov's type frame - This is damaged during a break-in.

The Mammoth - This is a printing press bought on speculation that lies disassembled on a lot.

Alexandervoksal - The leading character receives phone calls twice requesting he collect his children at this railroad station.

Mitka Kuratin's bear - This is a central figure in a wildly entertaining chapter, and is also a gift to a youth.

Blashl - Although never allowed in the house, she does appear on...

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