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The Introduction of Characters

Class members are to assume the role of a character of their choosing from within The Beginning of Spring. They are then to orally introduce the other significant characters in the tale to the class.

Ask the Author

Class members are to reflect on their reading of The Beginning of Spring and any questions that came to them during that endeavor. Penelope Fitzgerald passed away in April of 2000, but students shall compile questions they would ask of the author if given the opportunity. They are also to consider the responses they believe Fitzgerald would provide. Class members shall then individually take turns affording a brief oral presentation before the class in which they convey their questions and responses.

Bright Meadows Correspondence

Selwyn Crane recommended Bright Meadows, a Tolstoyan settlement outside London, to both Muriel Kinsman and Nellie Reid. Selwyn has been corresponding with Miss...

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