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Essay Topic 1

In the first chapter Penelope Fitzgerald introduces the reader to a number of important characters. Who is Nellie Reid? How does the story center on her? Who is Frank Reid? What does he do in the first chapter? How does Selwyn Crane come into the story? What role does he play? What member of the Reid household is Toma?

Essay Topic 2

What background regarding Nellie does the reader gain in Chapter 3? Where does Frank meet her? Describe her unique personality. How does she approach life? What are examples of this?

Essay Topic 3

What is the albatross of printing machinery that Frank inherits upon his father's death? Why is it a burden to Frank? How is he approaching the matter? What appears to be the outcome?

Essay Topic 4

Penelope Fitzgerald displays Frank as a thoughtful and caring manager in Chapter 5. Yet it is in that very chapter...

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