Objects & Places from Before We Were Yours

Wingate, Lisa
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The River

This is the first place that Rill lives. It symbolizes home for her.


These are candies that Mr. Riggs gave children. When Rill smelled these on Camellia, she realized who had hurt her sister.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

This is a book that helped Rill and her siblings feel at home and remember their real home with their parents.


These are flowers that gave Rill a place to hide and listen to Miss Tann and Mrs. Murphy. For Honeybee, these symbolize a place for a wedding.

Blond Hair

All of the Foss children except Camellia have this feature. Children with this are sought after by Miss Tann and wealthy families.

The Dragonfly Bracelets

These are pieces of jewelry that each of the remaining sisters have created to help them remember their lost siblings. They symbolize the commitment of the sisters.

Queenie's Cross


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