Before We Were Yours Fun Activities

Wingate, Lisa
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Books - Lisa Wingate

Read another book written by Wingate.


Create a diorama of the Arcadia.

Georgia Tann and TCHS

Research Georgia Tann and TCHS. Write a few paragraphs discussing what you learn.

Foss Siblings

Discuss with a group what might have happened to the siblings that were never found.

The Arcadia and The Sevier Home

Use a Venn diagram graphic organizer to compare The Arcadia to the Sevier home. Show how they are different and if they were any similarities.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about Tann and the TCHS after the story broke about the kidnappings and abuse of children.


Draw a portrait of Briny, Queenie, Rill, Camellia, Lark, Fern, and Gabion.


Create a timeline and show the major events of the novel in chronological order.

Before We Were Yours: The Movie

Imagine that you are the director of a movie based...

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