Before We Were Yours Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wingate, Lisa
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Prelude - Chapter 5

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Wingate, Lisa, Before We Were Yours, Ballantine Books, 2017, Hardback.

• The Prelude takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, on a hot August evening in 1939.

• A woman named Christine was giving birth.

• The woman gave birth to a baby girl, but she was stillborn.

• The doctor told Christine’s father that the baby had died, and that Christine must never become pregnant again.

• Christine’s father was upset because Christine was his only child, and there would be no one to carry on his family name.

• The physician told the father that there might be a woman in Memphis who could help.

• In Chapter 1 it is present day in Aiken, South Carolina.

• Avery Stafford is riding with her father in a limo to a birthday party at a local nursing home for a woman who...

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