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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the children respond to their life?
(a) They are bored.
(b) They rebel and sometimes sneak out.
(c) They accept the neccessity of it.
(d) They cry.

2. What does Anita not want her family to discover?
(a) Her fondness for Sam.
(b) That she has a pet chicken.
(c) That she often cries herself to sleep.
(d) What she writes in her journal.

3. What are Carla and her siblings allowed to take?
(a) Three sets of clothing.
(b) One item.
(c) Only what they are wearing.
(d) A small valise each.

4. Where does Lucinda take Anita to talk to her?
(a) Nowhere; it's not safe to talk to someone so young.
(b) Outside.
(c) To the basement.
(d) To the attic.

5. What does Anita learn about their new housekeeper?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) She is only 17 years old.
(c) She is a spy.
(d) She is from the city.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the men search under the beds?

2. What are the men in dark glasses using as an excuse to search the compound?

3. What time of year is it when the novel opens?

4. What is one thing Anita learns about their country's leader?

5. What do Carla and Anita find difficult?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the teacher tell Carla and Anita after she goes outside to talk to Carla's mother?

2. Why does Anita's mother send Anita to Tio Toni's home on her way to the party?

3. Who comes into the classroom and what does the teacher do?

4. What happens when the teacher wants the children to play secret Santa for Christmas?

5. Who is moving in next door, and why is Anita particularly happy about it?

6. What does Mami say about why the family is staying in the country?

7. What does Chucha reply when Anita asks about seeing her cousins again, and how does Anita feel about the answer?

8. Why does Anita use a pencil in her journal?

9. How does Mami feel about the Washburns living next door and what does she do because of that?

10. How does Anita's mother talk to her for the first time?

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