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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the men search under the beds?
(a) By firing shots that lodge in the opposite wall.
(b) Very carefully, pulling everythng out.
(c) With their bayonets.
(d) With Infrared lights.

2. What aspects of her country and of the United States does Anita compare?.
(a) Freedoms.
(b) Foods.
(c) Religions.
(d) Elections.

3. Why does Anita spend more time in the bathroom these days?
(a) To have a private place to write in her journal.
(b) To hide her crying.
(c) To make herself attractive.
(d) To write private letters to Carla.

4. Besides Oscar, who helps Anita see their leader in a different light?
(a) Sammy.
(b) Her Tio Jose.
(c) Her Papi.
(d) Lucinda.

5. What is significant about Anita's family?
(a) They have not sought permission to enter the U.S.
(b) They are not from the Dominican Republic originally.
(c) They are the most wealthy of the families that live in the compound.
(d) They are the only family left who has lived in the compound.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita hear her father talk about on the phone that she finds confusing?

2. What does Papi tell the family to pretend?

3. What happens when word is taken to Tony's house that Mr. Smith's friends are there?

4. Why does Anita's mother say she and Anita's father are staying in the Dominican Republic?

5. What happens when Anita asks adults about her country's leader?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon what occasion do the people living in the compound decide to have a party?

2. How does Antia compare American elections to those of her country?

3. How does Anita begin to see their leader in a different light?

4. Why do parents not like their daughters to go out in public places?

5. Where is Anita at the opening of the story, and what is she doing?

6. What do the secret police do and say at the compound, and what worries Anita?

7. How does Mami feel about the Washburns living next door and what does she do because of that?

8. The morning after Chucha moves in, who arrives at the compound after Anita's father leaves?

9. What are Carla and her siblings told to do when they get home, and what does Carla do?

10. What does Mami say about why the family is staying in the country?

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