Before We Were Free Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where is Anita at the opening of the story, and what is she doing?

Anita attends school in the Dominican Republic; but it's an American school, so they celebrate American holidays. It's hot outside, and it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving to the Americans. Anita is sitting next to her cousin, Carla. They are going to be Indians in the play.

2. Who comes into the classroom and what does the teacher do?

The principal of the school comes into the classroom with Carla's mother, who looks very nervous. They talk with the teacher then step out of the room to talk in the hallway.

3. What does the teacher tell Carla and Anita after she goes outside to talk to Carla's mother?

The teacher comes back into the room after talking with Carla's mother and tells Carla that she needs to pack her belongings to leave. She tells Anita to help her cousin. When Carla packs just her necessities in the bag, the teacher tells her to pack absolutely everything.

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