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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Summary and Analysis For Chapters 9-11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mr. Washburn?
(a) A U.S. military officer.
(b) A man from the British consulate.
(c) A man from the American embassy.
(d) A CIA agent.

2. Why do the children go to their new school in the consul's car ?
(a) They are given a special escort.
(b) They are not stopped at checkpoints as often.
(c) They are better protected since the windows are bullet proof.
(d) It is the only transportation available to them.

3. What is the class preparing to do?
(a) Put on a passion play.
(b) Go trick-or-treating.
(c) Fly an American flag.
(d) Put on a Thanksgiving play.

4. Why does Anita think Oscar may know she is there?
(a) He writes in the ground outside the bathroom window.
(b) He looks at the bathroom window.
(c) He waves when he is in the yard, and no one is around.
(d) He puts a note on the bathroom windowsill.

5. What doesn't feel right to some of the students?
(a) That there are only girls in the school.
(b) The climate, which they are not used to.
(c) That religious symbols are being used in school.
(d) That the summer break is going to be much shorter this year.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita's father tell her he wants for his children?

2. What does Anita ask Chucha about her cousins?

3. What are Carla and her siblings sent to do?

4. When does Anita use a pencil?

5. What has the government instituted to control people's movements?

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