Before We Were Free Character Descriptions

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Anita de la Torre

This character is almost twelve years old when the book opens.

Mundo de la Torre

This character is dedicated to family and a fight for freedom and is a key character in the assassination of El Jefe.


This character tries to protect her family by pretending that nothing is going wrong.

Trujillo Junior

This character made it a mission to seek revenge for those people who had assassinated his father.

El Jefe

This character was a dictator for 31 years.


This character has to leave the country because she has captured the attention of Mr. Smith.


This character is Anita's cousin.

Tio Toni

This character was missing for months after hatching a plot to get rid of the dictator.


This character has dreams in which she can see the future.


This character is Anita's brother.

Oscar Mancini

This half-Dominican character's...

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