Before I Go to Sleep: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

S. J. Watson
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1. What does Christine find as her surroundings upon waking in Part 1: Today?

Christine wakes in a strange bedroom with a strange, older man beside her. With thoughts of a one night stand with someone's husband, Christine slips naked from the bed and makes her way to the bathroom. On the wall beside the mirror, Christine finds pictures of herself as a much older woman and the man in the bed. Handwritten notes inform her this man is her husband.

2. How does Christine first approach Ben in Part 1: Today? What does he relate to her?

Christine begins to panic, confused by the older face looking back from the mirror at her. Christine returns to the bedroom and demands to know what is going on from the man on the bed. He rolls over, still half asleep, and begins to tell her that he is her husband Ben, that they have been married many years, and that she suffered an accident that has affected her memory.

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