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S. J. Watson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: The Journal of Christine Lucas, November 21-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Christine and Dr. Nash make a visit to a place from her past in her entry from November 12th, Christine is shocked to see what about the place?
(a) How everything has been changed.
(b) How similar it is to where she lives now.
(c) How run down it has become.
(d) How the neighborhood has changed.

2. In Christine's November 21st entry, she calls her long lost friend and receives what reception?
(a) An answering machine.
(b) A dial tone.
(c) Modem noises.
(d) A secretary.

3. What consists of particles or electromagnetic waves that are energetic enough to detach electrons from atoms or molecules?
(a) Morphological radiation.
(b) Ionizing radiation.
(c) Fatal radiation.
(d) Degrading radiation.

4. What does Christine decide to do at the end of her November 23rd entry?
(a) Tell Dr. Nash about Claire and Ben.
(b) Tell Ben about Dr. Nash and the journal.
(c) Confront Claire about Ben.
(d) Confront Ben about Claire.

5. Where did Christine meet her friend Claire?
(a) At a pub.
(b) At university.
(c) At a concert.
(d) In an airport.

Short Answer Questions

1. Claire gives Christine a letter from whom in Christine's November 23rd entry?

2. In Christine's November 9th entry, Dr. Nash promises to call Christine each day to remind her about what?

3. What refers to a physical phenomenon in which magnetic nuclei in a magnetic field absorb and re-emit electromagnetic radiation?

4. When Christine describes having a flash of memory while walking back to the car with Ben in her November 10th entry, she recalls being in what location?

5. In Part 2: The Journal of Christine Lucas, November 9, what date of the week is it?

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