Before I Fall Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lauren Oliver
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Essay Topic 1

As Sam experiences Cupid Day again on Day 2, she is not sure what is going on, and she experiences déjà vu. What is déjà vu, and how does it affect Sam and her perception of reality?

Essay Topic 2

At the beginning of the novel, Sam believes that secrets are an important part of a friendship. What secrets might friends hide, and why are secrets an important part of friendship?

Essay Topic 3

On Day 4, Sam is very angry. Why is Sam so angry? How does her anger influence her behavior on Day 4?

Essay Topic 4

On Day 3, Juliet uses a gun to commit suicide. What are the reactions of Sam and her friends to the news. Why do Sam, Elody, and Ally feel remorse, and why does Lindsay not feel remorse?

Essay Topic 5

Sam ends up in the science wing bathroom with Anna Cartullo. What did...

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