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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Celestine, Dot, and Karl meet for breakfast in chapter 12?

2. What does Mary report as burnt in the beginning of chapter 11?

3. What dish does Mary plan to take to the potluck after the Christmas play?

4. What book is Karl carrying in chapter 8 when he visits Sita?

5. What pest is repelled by smoke?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Wallace Pfef's "private disaster" during the Christmas play, as mentioned in chapter 12? Why does he describe it that way?

2. How do Mary and Celestine deal with Sita's body?

3. Explain Mary's reaction to Celestine's Jell-O prank.

4. Describe Wallace Pfef's "poor dead sweetheart."

5. How does Celestine feel about the baby, Dot, in chapter 9?

6. Describe Dot's appearance in costume as Joseph.

7. Why does Karl rescue Wallace Pfef from the dunk tank at the Beet Festival?

8. What happens between Mary and Mrs. Shumway in chapter 10?

9. In chapter 12, what does Wallace Pfef plan in order to regain Dot's affection? Does he succeed? Explain.

10. Describe Dot's appearance during the Beet Festival.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss at least three of the conflicts surrounding the Beet Festival and how they are interrelated. Support your thoughts with details that you remember from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the theme of failed romance throughout the novel and how it affects the various characters' lives, particularly Mary's life.

Essay Topic 3

How does Erdrich use different narrators to create different effects? Choose a scene and describe how its narrator conveys the situation from a particular perspective. Then explain how the reader's perception of the scene would have been different if Erdrich had chosen a different narrator.

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