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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As mentioned in chapter 10, who has "a face like Sitting Bull"?
(a) Fleur Pillager.
(b) Celestine.
(c) Wallace Pfef.
(d) Eli Kashpaw.

2. What causes Sita to lose her good standing with the Catholic Church?
(a) Divorce.
(b) Conversion to a different faith.
(c) Politics.
(d) Abortion.

3. What does Celestine take to eat when she visits Russell Kashpaw in chapter 10?
(a) Cold pizza.
(b) Chips and salsa.
(c) Ham sandwiches.
(d) Headcheese and a summer sausage.

4. What object does Karl keep through all his moves?
(a) His records.
(b) A stereo.
(c) His collection of Dickens novels.
(d) A China dish.

5. Who throws Dot a party in chapter 12?
(a) Celestine.
(b) Wallace Pfef.
(c) Russell Kashpaw.
(d) Karl.

Short Answer Questions

1. As mentioned in the beginning of chapter 14, what does Wallace Pfef give Dot?

2. Who is the main character of the last section of chapter 11, "The Birdorama"?

3. What cookie does Dot love?

4. Russell Kashpaw discovers that who is pregnant?

5. What does Celestine use to groom Karl's nails?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mary normally behave during a children's party?

2. What happens between Mary and Mrs. Shumway in chapter 10?

3. Describe the setting of "Russell's Night" in chapter 8.

4. How does Karl interact with Dot in chapter 12? Does Dot respond well? Explain.

5. In chapter 12, what does Wallace Pfef plan in order to regain Dot's affection? Does he succeed? Explain.

6. What was Wallace Pfef's "private disaster" during the Christmas play, as mentioned in chapter 12? Why does he describe it that way?

7. As discussed in chapter 8, why does Sita feel bad about her estrangement from the Catholic Church?

8. What is Celestine's opinion of Mary's cooking, as stated in chapter 11? Why does she hold this opinion?

9. Why does Mrs. Shumway send Dot to the "naughty box" in chapter 10?

10. Describe Sita's hallucination in chapter 8.

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