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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mary's favorite topic of discussion?
(a) Robots.
(b) Sports.
(c) Beef.
(d) Religion.

2. What does Karl eat on the train in the second part of chapter 1?
(a) A small pizza.
(b) Ham.
(c) A hot dog.
(d) Balogna.

3. According to chapter 3, what does Adelaide want to send Mary?
(a) A sewing machine.
(b) A set of good knives.
(c) Money for a car.
(d) Money for college.

4. Who is in the bar that Sita enters at the end of chapter 5?
(a) Celestine.
(b) Jimmy.
(c) Mary.
(d) Russell Kashpaw.

5. According to chapter 3, what is Mary's favorite location?
(a) Celestine's house.
(b) School.
(c) The library.
(d) The office of the butcher shop.

6. What is inside Adelaide's blue box, according to chapter 2?
(a) A checkbook.
(b) A safe deposit box key.
(c) "Bits of trash."
(d) A necklace and two rings.

7. In which state do the children look for their aunt?
(a) Minnesota.
(b) Michigan.
(c) North Dakota.
(d) South Dakota.

8. What day does Sita hate?
(a) Wednesday.
(b) Sunday.
(c) Thursday.
(d) Monday.

9. What is the name of Jimmy's restaurant?
(a) The Poopdeck Restaurant.
(b) The Overlook.
(c) Argus's One-Stop.
(d) Jimmy's Grub.

10. What body part pains Karl the most in the beginning of chapter 3?
(a) His feet.
(b) His knees.
(c) His back.
(d) His head.

11. Where does Sita move in chapter 4?
(a) Pittsburgh.
(b) Minneapolis.
(c) Fargo.
(d) Dallas.

12. On what is Karl lying in the beginning of chapter 3?
(a) A haystack.
(b) Newspapers.
(c) Grass.
(d) His bed.

13. What does Karl order for dinner while on his trip?
(a) Game hens.
(b) Grilled chicken.
(c) Waldorf salad.
(d) Veal parmigiana.

14. Whose menu catches on fire?
(a) Celestine's.
(b) Mary's.
(c) Russell Kashpaw's.
(d) Karl's.

15. Who becomes Mary's best friend in chapter 2?
(a) Fritzie.
(b) Celestine.
(c) Sita.
(d) Pete.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Mary's opinion, what is the most striking feature of the person she has romantic feelings for?

2. Who breaks the tree in "The Branch"?

3. Where does Karl's rescuer leave him?

4. Who dies in chapter 7?

5. How far do Karl and his rescuer travel daily in chapter 3?

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