The Beet Queen Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the children's experience on the train in "The Branch."

The children ride to Argus in a boxcar of a freight train. They are extremely cold by the time they reach their destination.

2. In "The Branch," why do the children come to Argus?

The children come to Argus because they are looking for their aunt Fritzie. They think they will have better opportunities in North Dakota than in Minnesota.

3. Describe Argus, as pictured in "The Branch."

As pictured in "The Branch," Argus is a small town with a main street made of dirt and wooden planks. There are stores lining Main Street, at the end of which is a residential area with humble houses and young trees.

4. Why does Karl run back to the train at the end of "The Branch"?

Karl runs back to the train at the end of "The Branch" because a dog is chasing him. He does not know where else to go, and the boxcar has assumed some sense of home to him.

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