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The House in Prairie Lake

This object is owned by Mr. Ober, and when he dies, the characters have to leave it behind.

The Boxcar

This object carries Mary and Karl to Argus.

Garnet Necklace

Adelaide takes this object to a pawn shop in order to get some money.

The Blue Box

This object normally holds Adelaide's valuables.

The Airplane

With this object, Adelaide and Dot both commit unexpected acts.

Cow's Diamond

This object is mentioned as Sita's inheritance.

The Face in the Ice

This object appears after Mary has an accident on the slide at her elementary school.

The Fishing Shack

This is where Russell has his stroke.

The Ads

Because of this object, Mary's brother's adoptive mother worries that one day she and her husband will be convicted of kidnapping.


Mary and Adelaide communicate briefly through the use of this object.

The Letters

This object...

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