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Plot the characters' activities on a map of the United States. Which characters stay in the same town their whole lives? Which characters travel?

Polish noodle soup

According to Mary in chapter 7, Pete's Polish noodle soup was directly responsible for saving Chez Sita from disaster on its opening night. Find a recipe for Polish noodle soup and make a big kettle of it to share with the class.


Using the setting described in "The Branch," make a diorama of Argus in 1932.

Beet Festival

Celebrate your own Beet Festival. Each student should bring something made of beets or from beets, such as a beet sculpture, beet sugar, or homemade pickled beets. Be creative!

Adelaide's jewelry

Make replicas of Adelaide's jewelry using the materials that you have on hand in the classroom.

Riding the freight train

Using the internet, research some true stories of individuals riding across the...

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