The Beet Queen Character Descriptions

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Mary Adare

This character comes to Argus on a freight train and eventually becomes the owner and operator of a butcher shop.

Celestine James

This character, who is of Native American descent, lives in Argus and works at the butcher shop.

Sita Kozka

This character temporarily moves to Fargo and becomes a model.

Karl Adare

This character gets back on the freight train and leaves Argus after being chased by a dog.

Wallace Pfef

This character delivers a baby at home during a snowstorm.

Wallacette Dot Adare

This character jumps on a stunt plane right before being crowned Beet Queen.

Pete and Fritzie Kozka

These characters, who own a butcher shop for a long time, move south and give the shop to a relative.

Adelaide Adare

This character abruptly abandons three children at the beginning of the novel.

Louis Tappe

This character is an entomologist.

Russell Kashpaw


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