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The Branch

• Two children, Mary and Karl Adare, come to Argus on a freight train to look for their mother's sister.
• Karl stops to look at a blossoming tree.

• When a dog starts to chase him, he is startled and inadvertently breaks a branch off the tree.

• He runs back to the freight train and jumps on, leaving Argus behind.

Part 1, Chapter 1, 1932

• Mr. Ober dies and the children learn that he is their father.

• Because he had taken out the mortgage on the Adare house, Adelaide decides that they have to move to Minneapolis as soon as possible.

• Adelaide gives birth to a baby boy.
• The Adares go to a fair, where Adelaide jumps on a stunt plane and flies away, abandoning the children.

• The baby boy goes home with a man, who promises that his wife will nurse him and that he will bring him back.

• Mary...

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