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Myla Goldberg
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What odes lLiza do in this section that she knows her father would usually forbid?
(a) Take his books.
(b) Use the stove.
(c) Take some money.
(d) Make a phonecall.

2. What does Aaron start carrying with him everywhere he goes?
(a) His bible.
(b) His japa beads
(c) His Hare Krisna gown.
(d) His guitar.

3. How is Miriam violating Saul?
(a) She is spontaneously hitting him.
(b) She is taking his books and selling them.
(c) She is constanly walking into his study without knocking.
(d) She is having sex with him while she is asleep.

4. What does Aaron cook Saul and Eliza for dinner?
(a) Mushroom pie.
(b) Pizza and garlic bread.
(c) Burgers and fries.
(d) Chickpeas and zuccini.

5. What kind of stage does Eliza imagine herself on?
(a) The music stage.
(b) The theater stage.
(c) The world stage.
(d) The national stage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character has been nicknamed Chaitanya?

2. Which of the following is the name of an Abulafia book?

3. What worries Saul, Aaron and Eliza about Mariam when she comes down to dinner?

4. What does Miriam decide to return to stealing from in this section?

5. What is a pujari?

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