Bee Season: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Myla Goldberg
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1. How did Saul discover Judaism?

Saul discovered Judaism when his mother showed him a box of photograph that included his Jewish Grandfather. Soon after she took him, secretly, to a synagogue.

2. How did Miriam's parents die?

Miriam's died when she was a teenager. They were walking along the road when a car veered off the road and crashed into them.

3. What problem did Miriam mother's have with children?

Miriam's remembers her mother being very distant with her, but she understood her mother's reasons. Before Miriam was born her mother had lost many children and she was worried that if she got close to Mariam, she would be responsible for losing her as well.

4. Describe Saul's relationship with his children at the beginning of this book?

Saul has a strong relationship with his son Aaron. Like himself Aaron is very interested in academic studies and the two of them spend time either practicing Hebrew or the guitar. For the same reasons he has a strong relationship with Aaron he has as poor relationship with Eliza. She has yet to display any real talent and that is not something Saul can understand.

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