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Paul Monette
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Alida realize Paul is definitely gay?

2. Where is the only place Paul feels he can hide?

3. Paul maintains a tie with Philips Academy in what manner?

4. As soon as Paul finishes sex with the Navy man, how does he feel?

5. How does Paul distract himself from his stalled novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Paul relate to Coward's work Song at Twilight?

2. Compare and contrast Paul's life and role between Sutton Hill and Canton Academy. Which seems more fitting for Paul? In what way?

3. Paul is exonerated of the accusations laid by Greg. What are some benefits and disadvantages to this?

4. Paul has several ideas concerning love. According to Paul, love allows a person to do what? What is needed from a person the deeper love gets?

5. During Paul's phase of trying to go straight, what patterns and themes are seen in the people Paul gets involved with?

6. What moment does Paul finally get that is comparable to the Andover jocks that tease Mr. Nindle? How does Paul react to it?

7. What "new suit for the emperor" does Paul try out in his new life at Canton?

8. What causes Paul to react the way he does with the Navy man after sex?

9. What is Paul's life situation in the immediate year post-college? How does he feel about his situation? How do his parents feel about the situation?

10. How does Yale fit into the 60's counterculture? How does Paul fit into the counter-culture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the different theories Paul Monette mentions in regards to homosexuality. What do the essentialists believe? What do the constructivists believe? What is the anti-theory? Which theory does Paul follow and why?

Essay Topic 2

Paul describes "keeping the wounds raw." How does this statement describe Paul's life and his writings?

Essay Topic 3

Paul grows up in a middle class family but earns privileges with scholarships to Philips Academy and Yale. Explain how Paul's taste for life changes from his middle class Andover background.

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