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Paul Monette
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Short Answer Questions

1. What unexpected act does Paul do in Dr. Richard's office?

2. What is Paul's class poem about?

3. Paul's time with Betsy feels like what to him?

4. Paul maintains a tie with Philips Academy in what manner?

5. Greg and Paul's relationship can be described as _________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Paul manage his friendship with César? How far does it go?

2. What "new suit for the emperor" does Paul try out in his new life at Canton?

3. On what note does Paul's first year at Canton end? How is it another example of the patterns in his life?

4. Why does Paul relate to Coward's work Song at Twilight?

5. How does Yale fit into the 60's counterculture? How does Paul fit into the counter-culture?

6. What moment does Paul recall on the beach one December day as he skips stones? Why is this memory important?

7. What epiphany does Paul realize as he gets to know the personal loves of all his lovers during his spree of flings in Boston?

8. How does Paul feel about graduation time at Yale?

9. How does Paul react to Bill's death?

10. During Paul's phase of trying to go straight, what patterns and themes are seen in the people Paul gets involved with?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are some patterns in Paul's personality that are seen throughout his life. How Paul get what he wants from people? What does he revert to whenever he wants to please others when he is a child? What about when he is an adult?

Essay Topic 2

What is the purpose of writing "Becoming a Man:Half a Life Story?" What does Paul hope his readers will understand and get from his autobiography?

Essay Topic 3

As Paul writes his autobiography he accentuates certain ideas and words by capitalizing or italicizing them. Find examples from the book where he does this and explain the significance of the accentuation. Example are capitalizing "Experience" and "Brothers" or italicizing the word "Nothing." When does he feel the need to capitalize and italicize? How does it affect the reader's feelings as they read it?

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