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Paul Monette
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Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps Paul from being drafted?

2. According to Paul, what makes Ellen so pretty?

3. How does Paul reach the Provence?

4. How does Paul's relationship with his mother progress over time?

5. What character type does Paul imitate to impress the Navy man?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Paul feel about graduation time at Yale?

2. As Paul starts up various relationships during his time of therapy, how does his whirlwind of affairs end?

3. Why does Paul's self-esteem go up when the French soldiers cheer him on?

4. What is it that Paul likes so much about his travels in Europe? How does his time there allow him to be freer than he has ever been?

5. Paul has several ideas concerning love. According to Paul, love allows a person to do what? What is needed from a person the deeper love gets?

6. How does Paul react to Bill's death?

7. How does Paul manage his friendship with César? How far does it go?

8. What causes Paul to react the way he does with the Navy man after sex?

9. What moment does Paul recall on the beach one December day as he skips stones? Why is this memory important?

10. Why does Paul relate to Coward's work Song at Twilight?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the different theories Paul Monette mentions in regards to homosexuality. What do the essentialists believe? What do the constructivists believe? What is the anti-theory? Which theory does Paul follow and why?

Essay Topic 2

Paul grows up in a middle class family but earns privileges with scholarships to Philips Academy and Yale. Explain how Paul's taste for life changes from his middle class Andover background.

Essay Topic 3

Paul has different sexual experiences before he comes out of the closet. After each encounter, Paul seems to have a sense of guilt and shame. This feeling is consistent even when the other man involved is nice. Why does Paul always react this way? Where does it stem from? What causes this guilt to arise?

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