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Paul Monette
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Paul attracted to Cody?

2. According to Paul, what is taught rather than innate?

3. Why does Paul choose Elihu?

4. What makes Paul feel guilty for his acceptance to the three Ivy League schools he applies to?

5. In order to forgive, Monette must learn to do what first?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the importance of camaraderie in Paul's view.

2. What are Monette's two childhood memories before age six? In hindsight, what do these memories indicate to Paul Monette as an adult?

3. What three things are against Paul when he enters Philips Academy? How does it tag him as a "loser" from the beginning?

4. Describe in detail what Paul sees as he gets his lunch by the sixth grade lockers. What is his reaction?

5. Paul Monette follows what theory in regards to homosexuality? Explain the theory.

6. Describe Jackie and Big Paul's reaction to Paul's magazine collection.

7. By whom and how are the Apollos revered at Philips?

8. Describe Bobby's character and how he manages his medical condition. How does Paul feel about Bobby and his capabilities?

9. Describe the atmosphere at Philips Academy. Include brief history, the students who attend, the faculty and staff, and school norms.

10. What qualities/characteristics attracts Paul to Kite? How does his upbringing influence his attraction to Kite?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As Paul writes his autobiography he accentuates certain ideas and words by capitalizing or italicizing them. Find examples from the book where he does this and explain the significance of the accentuation. Example are capitalizing "Experience" and "Brothers" or italicizing the word "Nothing." When does he feel the need to capitalize and italicize? How does it affect the reader's feelings as they read it?

Essay Topic 2

When Paul is able to maintain relationships, he stays even when he is aware they are not healthy for him. Why does he remain in the relationship? What stops him from ending them even though he is aware of the consequences? Consider at least two relationships and explain how they finally end.

Essay Topic 3

The title of the book is "Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story." How does Paul define "man?" How does it change over time as he learns more about himself and what it really means? What other definitions of "man" influence Paul's view of being a man? Does he ever achieve it? How does he find what it means to be a "man?"

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