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Paul Monette
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Paul feel about his situation with Kite?

2. Finish the quote by E.O. Wilson: ". . . homosexuals may be the genetic carriers of mankind's ________ "

3. How is Paul's time at Mount Pleasant Hotel?

4. From the following, what opportunity does Paul get from Yale?

5. While in high school, what does Paul dream of becoming as an adult?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Paul admires Cody, how is this relationship yet again one-sided? How does Paul place greater importance on popularity than friendship?

2. Why does Paul apply for Philips Academy? What does he hope for at a new high school with different people?

3. As Paul plays as child, what causes an argument between his mother and father? How does each of them feel about Paul's playing habits?

4. Describe Andover, MA as Monette grows up. How does Paul's childhood neighborhood affect his decision to not come out with his sexual orientation?

5. What does Bobby's education consist of? How does he show appreciation for the Marland sisters many years later?

6. Describe the hierarchy of class among the students at Philips Academy. Where does Paul fit? Where does he want to be?

7. Find three words to describe Paul's high school years. Refer to examples.

8. What are Monette's two childhood memories before age six? In hindsight, what do these memories indicate to Paul Monette as an adult?

9. Why is poetry a great escape for Paul?

10. Why does Paul consider his parents brave? What shows that his parents are different from other parents in Andover?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Paul is able to maintain relationships, he stays even when he is aware they are not healthy for him. Why does he remain in the relationship? What stops him from ending them even though he is aware of the consequences? Consider at least two relationships and explain how they finally end.

Essay Topic 2

Paul has different sexual experiences before he comes out of the closet. After each encounter, Paul seems to have a sense of guilt and shame. This feeling is consistent even when the other man involved is nice. Why does Paul always react this way? Where does it stem from? What causes this guilt to arise?

Essay Topic 3

Paul meets many people in his life as he searches his way out of the closet. Even before Roger, there are glimpses of hope and encouragement from his friends and people in his lives. Write about the people in Paul's life that inspire him to come out of the closet. How do they encourage him to be true to himself? Even if they are not the ones to ultimately get him out of the closet, how do they bring him closer to coming out safely?

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