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Paul Monette
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is it apparent Julia is jealous of Sally?
(a) Julia is overly nice to Sally above everyone else.
(b) Julia gives Sally the cold shoulder.
(c) Julia asks a lot of questions about Sally.
(d) Her comment on Sally's looks and comparing herself in bed.

2. What character type does Paul imitate to impress the Navy man?
(a) Yale preppie.
(b) Activist against the war.
(c) Sports enthusiast.
(d) White collar.

3. How does the man from the airplane turn Paul off?
(a) He asks too many questions about Paul's gay life.
(b) He shows disapproval in Paul for being in the closet.
(c) He is not sexual enough for Paul.
(d) He demands too much time from Paul.

4. How does Paul reach the Provence?
(a) With two French ladies who see him sleeping under a cafe table.
(b) A crowded local bus that takes many hours from Paris.
(c) Hitchikes on a truck with some pigs.
(d) Catches a train with another American.

5. What New Year's resolution does Paul make while in Puerto Rico?
(a) To stop buying men magazines.
(b) To not run away next time someone wants him.
(c) To try heterosexual relationships.
(d) To have sex without shame.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paul acquire in April?

2. What obligation looms over Paul as he tries to figure out his life?

3. What does Bobby have that makes Paul feel even more sullen about his own life?

4. Who does Paul dedicate his book of poems to?

5. What does Paul learn about love?

Short Essay Questions

1. Paul is exonerated of the accusations laid by Greg. What are some benefits and disadvantages to this?

2. How does Paul react to Bill's death?

3. What epiphany does Paul realize as he gets to know the personal loves of all his lovers during his spree of flings in Boston?

4. What is Paul's life situation in the immediate year post-college? How does he feel about his situation? How do his parents feel about the situation?

5. What moment does Paul recall on the beach one December day as he skips stones? Why is this memory important?

6. Paul goes to see "Boys in the Band." What is his reaction to the movie and the surroundings in which he sees the movie?

7. Compare and contrast Greg to the way Paul was when he was in high school.

8. Paul has several ideas concerning love. According to Paul, love allows a person to do what? What is needed from a person the deeper love gets?

9. How does Yale fit into the 60's counterculture? How does Paul fit into the counter-culture?

10. What is it that Paul likes so much about his travels in Europe? How does his time there allow him to be freer than he has ever been?

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