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Paul Monette
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paul learn about love?
(a) It is harder than he realized.
(b) It is not as romantic as he thought.
(c) It is anti-climatic.
(d) It is everything he thought it would be.

2. What stops Paul from having a relationship with Harold?
(a) He finds Harold too old.
(b) He finds Harold intellectually intimidating.
(c) He doesn't want to have sex with him.
(d) He keeps thinking of Ellen.

3. What is Paul's class poem about?
(a) Finding happiness.
(b) His past crushes.
(c) Living a life of secrets.
(d) Creating opportunities.

4. How is Pip unhealthy for Paul?
(a) Pip gives Paul herpes.
(b) Pip consistently cheats on Paul.
(c) Pip is even more closeted than Paul.
(d) Pip pressures Paul to come out faster than he is comfortable.

5. What does Bobby have that makes Paul feel even more sullen about his own life?
(a) A girlfriend.
(b) A strong relationship with their father.
(c) A full scholarship to college.
(d) A nice car.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Paul feel about his purpose in Cambridge?

2. Paul maintains a tie with Philips Academy in what manner?

3. Why does Paul believe his friends encourage him to go into interior decorating?

4. Whose eerie room does Paul observe by accident and does not want to become like?

5. How does Alida realize Paul is definitely gay?

Short Essay Questions

1. What moment does Paul recall on the beach one December day as he skips stones? Why is this memory important?

2. How does Paul manage his friendship with César? How far does it go?

3. What "new suit for the emperor" does Paul try out in his new life at Canton?

4. What Experience is Paul looking for in Europe? What are some examples of his Experience?

5. What epiphany does Paul realize as he gets to know the personal loves of all his lovers during his spree of flings in Boston?

6. What is it that Paul likes so much about his travels in Europe? How does his time there allow him to be freer than he has ever been?

7. On what note does Paul's first year at Canton end? How is it another example of the patterns in his life?

8. How does Yale fit into the 60's counterculture? How does Paul fit into the counter-culture?

9. What moment does Paul finally get that is comparable to the Andover jocks that tease Mr. Nindle? How does Paul react to it?

10. Why does Paul relate to Coward's work Song at Twilight?

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