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Paul Monette
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Paul head to Monaco?
(a) Because Betsy wants to.
(b) He hears gay men are more open there.
(c) He is to meet his friend David.
(d) Someone he meets suggests it to him.

2. What good deed does Paul volunteer to do?
(a) Spend extra time with failing kids.
(b) Hold a poetry workshop for free.
(c) Be a Big Brother.
(d) Tutor inner city kids.

3. As soon as Paul finishes sex with the Navy man, how does he feel?
(a) As if he's on cloud nine.
(b) Relieved.
(c) Happy.
(d) Guilty.

4. Who inspires Paul to finally come out of the closet?
(a) Bobby.
(b) Greg.
(c) Roger.
(d) The Navy.

5. The way in which Paul goes about his quest to be heterosexual can be described as _______________.
(a) Hesitant.
(b) Too easy.
(c) Caring for the women he dates.
(d) Selfish.

6. Who does Paul dedicate his book of poems to?
(a) Alida and Ellen.
(b) Roger and Stevie.
(c) Julia and César.
(d) His parents and Bobby.

7. What major change occurs in Paul when he returns from Georgia?
(a) He stops all relationships and one-night stands.
(b) He no longer distracts himself with a busy social schedule.
(c) He is openly gay.
(d) He is able to have sex in his relationships again.

8. Why is Paul jealous of Justin?
(a) Justin is more manly.
(b) Justin is in a happy homosexual relationship.
(c) Justin is open and proud to be gay.
(d) Justin gets to date Sally.

9. As things get dryer in Paul's life, what does he feel he needs more of?
(a) More sessions with Cantwell.
(b) More drama.
(c) More love.
(d) More magazines.

10. What obligation looms over Paul as he tries to figure out his life?
(a) Keeping his parents happy.
(b) The draft into war.
(c) Taking care of Bobby.
(d) His novel.

11. Paul maintains a tie with Philips Academy in what manner?
(a) Paul teaches theater in the summertime.
(b) Paul is responsible for the five year reunion of his alumni class.
(c) Paul casually dates the dean of summer faculty.
(d) Paul begins a poetry writing program there in the summertime.

12. What does Paul like to do while reading Thoreau?
(a) Read aloud to capture the meaning.
(b) End a reading with a song from Bob Dylan.
(c) Sit naked in the woods.
(d) Compare Thoreau's writings to his journal.

13. Who does Paul meet to travel Italy?
(a) Francis from Andover.
(b) David from Yale.
(c) Star from Yale.
(d) Betsy from Paris.

14. How does Paul handle his loneliness over the years after college?
(a) He becomes more religious.
(b) With magazines.
(c) With one night stands.
(d) He joins numerous clubs and activities to keep himself busy.

15. How does Paul reach the Provence?
(a) A crowded local bus that takes many hours from Paris.
(b) Catches a train with another American.
(c) With two French ladies who see him sleeping under a cafe table.
(d) Hitchikes on a truck with some pigs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Paul advertise himself at Canton?

2. As usual, who does Paul best get along with at Canton?

3. Who does Paul compare himself to as he teaches English?

4. How does Paul's relationship with his mother progress over time?

5. How does Paul feel about his relationship with Ellen?

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