Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Fun Activities

Paul Monette
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Each student is to find a poem he/ she relates to. Make a copy the poem and write how you relate to it.

Gay support in the neighborhood

Split the students into groups of 2-3. Each group is to research what support for gay/ lesbians/ bisexuals/ transgenders are available in their hometown. The students are to either interview someone associated with the institution, sit in a group therapy session, interview a member who utilizes the services of the place, or find another form of in-depth research that allows the student to really see the purposes of the institution. The students are then to prepare a presentation on what they found and how they feel about it.

School life discussion

Paul's life in high school is pressured with niches and classes. Discuss whether your school has the same pressures as Phillips Academy. Are there Apollos and Dionysus in...

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