Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Paul Monette
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Essay Topic 1

Jackie and Big Paul raise Bobby as if there is nothing medically wrong. What benefits and consequences result for Bobby and the family from this style of coping? Consider physical and emotional benefits and consequences.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Paul's relationship with his father and compare it to Bobby's relationship with their father. What bonds does BIg Paul have with the boys? In what way? Does one relationship seem stronger than the other? How so? How does it come to be this way?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the different theories Paul Monette mentions in regards to homosexuality. What do the essentialists believe? What do the constructivists believe? What is the anti-theory? Which theory does Paul follow and why?

Essay Topic 4

Write a description of 1950's Massachusetts and how the place and times affects Paul's life.

Essay Topic 5

Write about the different ways Paul and other gays in the...

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