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Melvin Konner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What field did Konner study after OB/GYN?
(a) Gastroenterology.
(b) Neuropathology.
(c) Oncology.
(d) Cardiology.

2. What does Konner say is the typical method of childbirth in the U.S.?
(a) Full-conscious with pain drugs.
(b) Heavily sedated.
(c) Fully-conscious, without drugs.
(d) C-section.

3. What comment about Charlotte was red-penciled off her chart?
(a) She is willing to work to improve her condition.
(b) She cannot tolerate her own image.
(c) She is friendly and cooperative.
(d) She appreciated kind attention.

4. What could Konner do for Stan while Barb was suffering complications?
(a) Provide emotional support.
(b) Translate medical jargon.
(c) Commandeer nurses and hospital resources.
(d) Contact experts in the field.

5. What was the treatment Dr. Brass recommended for the Pickwickian syndrome case?
(a) Surgery.
(b) Talk therapy.
(c) Antipsychotic drugs.
(d) An anti-cancer drug.

6. Who gave the order to have Geraldine intubated?
(a) The ER physician.
(b) The nursing home physician.
(c) The EMTs.
(d) The hospital lawyers.

7. How was Konner involved in the birth of Barbara and Stan's second child?
(a) He was on call throughout the home birth.
(b) He introduced them to each other.
(c) He performed the delivery.
(d) He recommended the nurse-midwives.

8. What department was Richard Harrison head of?
(a) Gastroenterology.
(b) Psychiatry.
(c) Neurology.
(d) Cardiology.

9. How does Konner say Dr. Brass reacted to his work?
(a) She corrected it.
(b) She nit-picked it.
(c) She ignored it.
(d) She praised it.

10. What happened to Barb's condition by the time Konner returned to his rotation?
(a) She was hospitalized for further complications.
(b) She was involved in a car accident.
(c) She regained her health.
(d) She was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers.

11. What is Konner's justification for not practicing medicine?
(a) He is saving society money.
(b) He is saving patients from his errors.
(c) He is giving himself to his family instead.
(d) He is using his talents in a better way.

12. What does Konner say African men did when their wives were in labor?
(a) Induce constipation.
(b) Leave the village until they were done.
(c) Put animals in their robes as if they had given birth to them.
(d) Hold their wives' hands and encourage them through the pain.

13. What caused RPTA for Konner?
(a) He misdiagnosed a patient's neurological disorder.
(b) He belittled another medical student in front of a patient.
(c) No one asked about his absence or the award.
(d) Dr. Brass humiliated him in front of other medical students.

14. What was Konner nominated for?
(a) A National Book Award.
(b) A military appointment.
(c) A Pulitzer Prize.
(d) A prestigious medical honor.

15. What condition was Charlotte suffering?
(a) Chest pains.
(b) Delusions.
(c) Eating disorder.
(d) Suicidal thoughts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Konner say had a right not to be touched by medical students?

2. When did Konner begin his gynecology rotation?

3. How does Konner characterize Johann Ringler?

4. How does Konner say Dr. Downing responded to the woman whose sixty-five year old mother had just died?

5. In whose eye did Konner see a compassionate tear?

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