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Melvin Konner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What strategy did Dr. Greenspan advocate for learning medicine?
(a) Taking a case by case approach.
(b) An exhaustive encyclopedic approach.
(c) A trial and error approach.
(d) A community of experts sharing diagnoses approach.

2. What does Konner say he believes about obstetrics?
(a) A woman's reproductive system should be allowed to run its course without interference.
(b) It should be focused on preventative health and health maintenance.
(c) It should be practiced by women.
(d) It should be run by scientists.

3. What caused RPTA for Konner?
(a) He belittled another medical student in front of a patient.
(b) Dr. Brass humiliated him in front of other medical students.
(c) No one asked about his absence or the award.
(d) He misdiagnosed a patient's neurological disorder.

4. How many hours a week did Konner work with Dr. Brass and the others on his rotation?
(a) 60.
(b) 100.
(c) 40.
(d) 80.

5. What were surgeons going to correct in patient Laura's laparotomy?
(a) Complications in her pregnancy.
(b) Cysts in her uterus.
(c) Tumors on her ovaries.
(d) Adhesions on her fallopian tubes.

6. Why was patient Geraldine's DNR order ignored?
(a) Dr. Brass countermanded it.
(b) It was not included in her chart.
(c) Bureaucratic confusion.
(d) She had not had it properly notarized.

7. What organ did Konner remove during his first autopsy?
(a) Gall bladder.
(b) Brain.
(c) Kidney.
(d) Heart.

8. What are newborn babies assessed for?
(a) Economic viability of the parents.
(b) Deficiencies.
(c) Signs of abuse.
(d) Racial characteristics.

9. What had Konner's Uncle Dave encouraged him to consider in his decision to return to med school?
(a) His anthropological background.
(b) His family.
(c) His religion.
(d) His income.

10. What comment about Charlotte was red-penciled off her chart?
(a) She cannot tolerate her own image.
(b) She is willing to work to improve her condition.
(c) She is friendly and cooperative.
(d) She appreciated kind attention.

11. What objection does Konner make to the training of physicians?
(a) They are expected to master an enormous set of shifting facts.
(b) They are taught to focus on the bureaucratic profile of a case, not the human experience.
(c) They are taught to consider human health, but the system really teaches them to make money and get out quick.
(d) They are not generally involved in the lives of the patients they are treating.

12. What does Konner say about Charlotte?
(a) She inspired him to write about his experiences.
(b) Her case convinced him to get out of medicine.
(c) She dominated his last six weeks in his third year.
(d) She gave him a reason to continue practicing medicine.

13. What did Konner deliver twice, in his first week?
(a) Twins.
(b) Down syndrome babies.
(c) Still births.
(d) Triplets.

14. How long was Konner away from the hospital for, as a result of this nomination?
(a) 36 hours.
(b) 18 hours.
(c) 48 hours.
(d) 24 hours.

15. What was the result when Konner broke one of the rules about which patients he could help?
(a) He was reprimanded by the hospital.
(b) He was appreciated.
(c) He caused unnecessary complications.
(d) He was sanctioned.

Short Answer Questions

1. What condition does Konner's Uncle Dave suffer?

2. What does Konner's friend call to discuss with him?

3. How many deliveries did Konner perform in his last rotation?

4. What was Konner nominated for?

5. What did the residents explain to the daughter of the woman suffering with terminal cancer?

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