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Melvin Konner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What starts the day in the gynecology rotation?
(a) Rounds.
(b) Outpatients.
(c) Paperwork.
(d) Surgery.

2. What does Konner say is a benefit of obstetrics?
(a) The glowing mothers.
(b) The sense that this was all normal.
(c) The newborn babies.
(d) The respect for the patients.

3. Whose samples had been sent to the lab Konner was working in now?
(a) Professor Roth's patients.
(b) Dr. Mattingly's patients.
(c) Dr. Brennan's patients.
(d) Dr. Suskauer's patients.

4. How did Dr. Harrison rate Konner's performance?
(a) Satisfactory.
(b) High pass.
(c) Insufficient.
(d) Near excellent.

5. What was Dr. Harold Greenspan's field?
(a) Neurology.
(b) Surgery.
(c) Psychiatry.
(d) Cardiology.

6. What did Konner deliver twice, in his first week?
(a) Triplets.
(b) Twins.
(c) Down syndrome babies.
(d) Still births.

7. How was Konner involved in the birth of Barbara and Stan's second child?
(a) He introduced them to each other.
(b) He was on call throughout the home birth.
(c) He performed the delivery.
(d) He recommended the nurse-midwives.

8. When did Konner begin his gynecology rotation?
(a) Groundhog's day.
(b) Independence Day.
(c) Valentines day.
(d) Christmas day.

9. Which point of view does Konner NOT take in his description of his time in med school?
(a) Educator.
(b) Gadfly.
(c) Anthropologist.
(d) Husband and father.

10. What are newborn babies assessed for?
(a) Economic viability of the parents.
(b) Signs of abuse.
(c) Deficiencies.
(d) Racial characteristics.

11. What does Konner say is the typical method of childbirth in the U.S.?
(a) Heavily sedated.
(b) Full-conscious with pain drugs.
(c) Fully-conscious, without drugs.
(d) C-section.

12. What comment about Charlotte was red-penciled off her chart?
(a) She is friendly and cooperative.
(b) She is willing to work to improve her condition.
(c) She cannot tolerate her own image.
(d) She appreciated kind attention.

13. What was Konner nominated for?
(a) A prestigious medical honor.
(b) A Pulitzer Prize.
(c) A National Book Award.
(d) A military appointment.

14. What was the patient outcome of the treatment Dr. Brass recommended?
(a) Additional surgery.
(b) Death.
(c) The Pickwickian syndrome resolved.
(d) Arm damage.

15. What brought about an improvement in Charlotte's condition?
(a) Termination of antipsychotic drugs.
(b) Talking therapy.
(c) New medication, and surgery.
(d) Relocation to a long-term facility.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sense does Konner say he had as he entered his fourth and final year of med school?

2. What could Konner do for Stan while Barb was suffering complications?

3. What field did Konner study after OB/GYN?

4. What gave Konner an emotional boost during his rotation with Dr. Brass?

5. What kind of approach did Dr. Harrison rule out for Charlotte?

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