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Short Answer Questions

1. In which two ways was Opal able to improve Winn-Dixie?

2. Where is Opal's favorite place to be?

3. What happens when the Preacher sees the ugly, matted and smelly dog that Opal brought home?

4. Why did Opal decide to take the dog home to the Preacher?

5. What does Opal think the dog will do for her father?

Short Essay Questions

1. What wakes Opal up at night and why is she awoken?

2. What happens to Winn-Dixie when Otis plays his music in front of him?

3. What happens when Opal and Winn-Dixie finish up at the pet store?

4. What did Opal ask Otis if she could do to pay for the collar and leash?

5. How would you describe Opal's decision about wanting to memorize the information her father shared with her about her mother?

6. Write a description of the church that Opal's father preaches at.

7. What does it appear the dog is doing when he goes back over to the grocery store manager?

8. What does Winn-Dixie do in Opal's home while he is upset about the thunderstorms?

9. What does Opal interpret it means when Winn-Dixie stares at her after she makes her confession to him?

10. What does Opal call her father and what is his new job in Florida?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Opal feel about about her mother's abandonment at the beginning of the novel? In what ways do her feelings change? Do they change for the positive or negative? How do you know?

Essay Topic 2

In what ways is the phrase appearances can be deceiving accurate in this novel? In what ways is it not accurate?

Essay Topic 3

Which characters does Opal judge on who they are rather than rumor? Which characters does she seem to judge prematurely? What seems to be the difference in how they are treated by her?

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