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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gloria suggest she and Opal do together?
(a) Mow the yard.
(b) Take Winn-Dixie for a walk.
(c) Plant a tree.
(d) Go to the store.

2. What secret does Opal learn about Otis?
(a) He doesn't like people to hear him play his music.
(b) He wants Opal to help out more in the pet store.
(c) He was in jail.
(d) He is embarrassed by his music.

3. What did Opal learn about her mother in regards to gardening?
(a) She did not have a green thumb.
(b) She was good at getting this to grow.
(c) She loved to plant things even if they didn't grow.
(d) She didn't know the first thing about any type of gardening.

4. Why does Opal go to Gertrude's Pets?
(a) To buy a collar and leash for Winn-Dixie.
(b) To see if she can find a friend for Winn-Dixie.
(c) To get dog food for Winn-Dixie.
(d) Because her father wants her to put Winn-Dixie up for adoption.

5. Why doesn't the Preacher's church look like a typical church?
(a) It is in the trailer park.
(b) It used to be a Pick-It-Quick store.
(c) It recently burnt down.
(d) The town cannot afford a typical church.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Opal want to remember the things her father told her?

2. What is one of the first things Opal does to Winn-Dixie?

3. Why did Opal settle on the specific number she did in regards to the number of things she wanted to know about her mother?

4. What does Opal offer to do to help pay for the leash and collar?

5. How big did Miss Franny say the bear was?

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