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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Winn-Dixie do to the mouse to keep it from escaping?
(a) Drops it in Opal's hand.
(b) Steps on its tail.
(c) Takes it outside.
(d) Holds it in his mouth.

2. What agreement did Opal make with the Preacher?
(a) Not to bring home any dogs.
(b) To follow instructions and bring home groceries.
(c) To care for those that are less fortunate.
(d) To always be quiet.

3. What does Winn-Dixie do whenever he is tied up somewhere?
(a) Barks.
(b) Watches.
(c) Howls.
(d) Chews through the rope.

4. In what season does Opal find Winn-Dixie?
(a) Fall.
(b) Winter.
(c) Summer.
(d) Spring.

5. Why does Opal tell God that the other children who are available don't want to play with her?
(a) Because she doesn't have a mother.
(b) Because she is new in town.
(c) Because she has a smelly dog.
(d) Because she is the Preacher's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. At which of the following places does Opal live?

2. Why did Opal settle on the specific number she did in regards to the number of things she wanted to know about her mother?

3. What does Opal confess to Winn-Dixie?

4. What does Winn-Dixie do that leads people to believe that he is listening to the Preacher's service?

5. Which of the following is an accurate description of how the Preacher feels about Winn-Dixie after Opal finishes with him?

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