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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the significance of the Prologue?
(a) To reveal vague details.
(b) To give a summary of what the reader is about to read.
(c) To introduce the reader to the recent past.
(d) To introduce the reader to a brand new character.

2. Where does Laurent wake up?
(a) In the sultan's palace.
(b) In a stable.
(c) On a horse.
(d) On a ship.

3. What does Beauty realize carries no weight in her life as a slave?
(a) Intelligence.
(b) Royalty.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Sexuality.

4. When Laurent considers his current position as a sex slave, how does he see the situation as a result of his equality with his mistress?
(a) Degrading.
(b) Acceptable.
(c) Insulting.
(d) Somber.

5. Beauty concludes that the most beautiful woman must be ____________.
(a) The queen.
(b) The sultan's daughter.
(c) The princess.
(d) The sultana.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Beauty thinks she is about to collapse, who appears to hold her as she is dried?

2. How long before being kidnapped did Laurent run away from his mistress' household?

3. Where are the new sex slaves led where they are forced to kneel on cushions?

4. According to Laurent's suggestion, who is a eunuch?

5. After his conversation about love with Beauty, what does Laurent conclude about his mistress?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is irony present when the master addresses the slaves?

2. What does the master require of the slaves?

3. What is the first instance of humanization for the slaves?

4. What happens when the ship anchors?

5. Why does Laurent claim that the sex slaves' current position is degrading?

6. How does foreshadowing occur when the master addresses the slaves?

7. Why are the slaves adorned with jewels and glitter?

8. How have Beauty, Tristan, and Laurent changed since they arrived at the sultan's palace?

9. What element of parallelism is present in "For the Love of the Master"?

10. Why is the tone of the novel inconsistent with the events?

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