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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does the master inspect last?
(a) Tristan.
(b) Beauty.
(c) Rosalynd.
(d) Laurent.

2. What is the name of the queen Beauty served?
(a) Eleanor.
(b) Amanda.
(c) Belinda.
(d) Freya.

3. Which of the following describes the master's actions toward the slaves?
(a) Gentle.
(b) Seductive.
(c) Aggressive.
(d) Gruff.

4. Despite her submissiveness, what does Beauty remain?
(a) Proud.
(b) Angry.
(c) Lovesick.
(d) Intelligent.

5. Where would Laurent chase women in the morning when he served his mistress?
(a) Through the castle.
(b) Through his mistress' room.
(c) Through the garden.
(d) Through the forest.

6. What did Tristan become?
(a) A horse.
(b) A dragon.
(c) A rodent.
(d) An insect.

7. Who raids the village?
(a) The king's men.
(b) Barbarians.
(c) The sultan's men.
(d) Pirates.

8. Which character was punished for speaking up by being bound, gagged, and suspended from the ceiling?
(a) Rosalynd.
(b) Laurent.
(c) Elena.
(d) Beauty.

9. For what does Lexius get out a whip to punish Laurent?
(a) Stealing food.
(b) Touching Tristan.
(c) Not following orders.
(d) Speaking in the palace.

10. What does the master inspire in the slaves?
(a) Resentment.
(b) Pleasure.
(c) Loyalty.
(d) Anger.

11. What does Beauty realize about the sultana's body?
(a) She is slightly deformed.
(b) She has received plastic surgery.
(c) She was originally a man.
(d) Her genitals have been mutilated.

12. What is the master's official title?
(a) Sultan's Equestrian Steward.
(b) Sultan's Quality Control Groom.
(c) Sultan's Special Groomsman.
(d) Sultan's Chief Steward of the Grooms.

13. Laurent shows the most interest in ________________.
(a) Beauty.
(b) Tristan.
(c) Rosalynd.
(d) Elena.

14. What is the tone used to indicate the attitude toward the relationships in the queen's kingdom?
(a) Pleasant.
(b) Dark.
(c) Fearful.
(d) Casual.

15. Which of the following is a theme in the relationship between Laurent and Lexius?
(a) Eagerness.
(b) Gentleness.
(c) Role reversal.
(d) Anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which slave receives anal probing as a punishment?

2. Beauty seem most fearful of _____________.

3. What does Lexius apply to Beauty's body when she is clean?

4. What is the next process that the slaves have to go through after the master talks to them?

5. What is the name of the place Laurent is mounted as punishment?

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