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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is between Beauty's legs as she is sleeping in her bound position?
(a) Blanket.
(b) Table.
(c) Sword.
(d) Keg.

2. Nicolas tells Tristan, "I have never loved any _________ as I love you," when they are finally alone together.
(a) Person.
(b) Boy.
(c) Man.
(d) Slave.

3. Who was the one who tended to the fire when Master Nicolas and Tristan were in the forest?
(a) Neither.
(b) Nicolas.
(c) Both men.
(d) Tristan.

4. What is Nicolas going to allow Tristan to do in order to make him happy?
(a) Return home.
(b) See Beauty.
(c) Go to the court.
(d) Run away.

5. Tristan felt the first real panic when the ______ was fitted over his head and over his shoulders.
(a) Helmet.
(b) Shirt.
(c) Harness.
(d) Cloth.

6. Tristan tells Beauty he has found his Master who brings him into ___________ with all punishments.
(a) Painlessness.
(b) Bliss.
(c) Rage.
(d) Harmony.

7. Who was the slave that was missed more than any other at the court, even though the slave has to be disciplined often?
(a) Jerard.
(b) Richard.
(c) Tristan.
(d) Beauty.

8. Where does Beauty go when she realizes that the Mistress is upset with her and will probably punish her?
(a) The field.
(b) The bathroom.
(c) Under the bed.
(d) The corner.

9. Beauty thought it was positively odd not to be _____________ when she was being bathed and punished.
(a) Listened to.
(b) Pleasured.
(c) Spoken to.
(d) Looked at.

10. Nicolas kisses Tristan's ___________ quickly as he is in line with the other ponies.
(a) Chest.
(b) Feet.
(c) Hands.
(d) Eyelids.

11. When does the strange ritual for the new batch of slaves take place, according to Nicolas as he explains this to Tristan?
(a) Brigid.
(b) Midsummer Night.
(c) May Day.
(d) Beltane.

12. Beauty feels badly for the runaway slave as the slave now has no loving ______________ to guide him.
(a) Mistress.
(b) Paddle.
(c) Master.
(d) Crop.

13. After the beating, who does Tristan kneel before and hear the command for him to follow to the road along the ramparts.
(a) Mistress.
(b) Master.
(c) Whipping boy.
(d) Beauty.

14. What color was the belt that Mistress Lockley had in her hand when she was disciplining Beauty?
(a) Brown.
(b) White.
(c) Black.
(d) Green

15. Beauty is described by the Captain as a naked, ravenous ___________ that foments the passion in him dangerously.
(a) Girl.
(b) Slave.
(c) Soul.
(d) Temptress.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mistress Lockley kiss which makes Beauty feel jealous of this other slave's position?

2. Tristan talks about being on the Public Turntable again, about being ___________ even though the fear hadn't left him.

3. What does Mistress Lockley say that the soldiers liked on Beauty when they had their way with her?

4. What is Tristan to be whipped for when he is taken for shipping, according to Nicolas?

5. Tristan tells Beauty that he is more than ______________ in his new role as a slave with Nicolas.

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