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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Beauty was claimed as the Prince's naked ___________ slave to be taken to his Kingdom.
(a) Cow.
(b) Truth.
(c) Punishment.
(d) Pleasure.

2. Beauty realizes the slaves are beginning to look normal to her; one cleaned a ______________ on her hands and knees.
(a) Wall.
(b) Bookshelf.
(c) Plate.
(d) Shop window.

3. Tristan sees as many as 8 or 10 slaves attached and harnessed to larger _____________.
(a) Doors.
(b) Carts.
(c) Coaches.
(d) Tethers.

4. The Mistress wants Beauty to whimper with ___________ for her supper when she gets it and to lick her plate clean.
(a) Desperation.
(b) Submission.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Gratitude.

5. All year, the villagers would ___________ just to have the chance to purchase a slave during the auction.
(a) Come from other towns.
(b) Save their money.
(c) Sleep in.
(d) Wait in line.

6. The Captain says to Beauty, "You will ________ yourself to me," when he finally speaks after looking at her.
(a) Show.
(b) Avail.
(c) Submit.
(d) Give.

7. Beauty realized that it did not matter if she walked to the the platform and the turntable in ____________.
(a) Obedience.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Anger.
(d) Disobedience.

8. Who is Beauty introduced to when she is brought to the new room by Mistress Lockley?
(a) Richard.
(b) Patrolman.
(c) Tristan.
(d) Captain.

9. Tristan asks Beauty why she decided to ___________ deliberately as they are sitting near each other.
(a) Disobey.
(b) Pleasure.
(c) Bite.
(d) Cry.

10. Where is Beauty going to be taken during her journey away from the Court?
(a) To a farm.
(b) To the graveyard.
(c) To the Sultan.
(d) To the auction block.

11. There was also a disobedient slave when Beauty was with the Queen. His name was Prince ___________.
(a) Alexi.
(b) Thomas.
(c) Tristan.
(d) Richard.

12. Tristan ended up being sold to Nicolas, the Queen's ______________, when he was at the auction.
(a) Slave.
(b) Chronicler.
(c) Magician.
(d) Mage.

13. The way Mistress Lockley ___________ made Beauty interested in her and engaged by her.
(a) Paddled.
(b) Spanked.
(c) Walked.
(d) Talked.

14. The Captain instructs Beauty to always kiss his ___________ when he is at the inn and she is in the room with him.
(a) Hand.
(b) Dagger.
(c) Penis.
(d) Boots.

15. Who consented to Beauty's new life as a slave according to the previous story?
(a) Her grandparents.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Her parents.
(d) Her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tristan clung to the _________ memory of Beauty's exquisite face and the flashing of disobedience in her eyes.

2. What was at the end of the phallus that Tristan is going to wear during his time as a slave?

3. Beauty is bound up as she is given to her new owner, thinking that it was very clever that she would be led around as though she were a little _________.

4. Tristan notices that his new Master had long and lean ___________ which grab his attention first.

5. Tristan realizes he heard a number of kind words of ___________ from his previous Master, though he had still chosen to disobey.

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