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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Beauty believe the Captain must certainly be vain of, in terms of his good looks?
(a) His blond hair.
(b) His eyes.
(c) His eyebrows.
(d) His figure

2. Where is Beauty going to be taken during her journey away from the Court?
(a) To the graveyard.
(b) To the auction block.
(c) To a farm.
(d) To the Sultan.

3. How long had Sleeping Beauty been sleeping when she was awakened from her slumber?
(a) Century.
(b) Decade.
(c) Week.
(d) Year.

4. Tristan is warned that if he does not obey orders, then he will be strapped on the ________________.
(a) Public Turntable.
(b) Wall.
(c) Post.
(d) Bed.

5. The most magnificent sign was that of the Sign of the __________, as Beauty sees the various signs.
(a) Bear.
(b) Sea.
(c) Anchor.
(d) Lion.

6. What did the Captain use in order to inspect the endowments of Beauty as she was laid down?
(a) A knife.
(b) His sword.
(c) A knife handle.
(d) Gloved hands.

7. Beauty realized that it did not matter if she walked to the the platform and the turntable in ____________.
(a) Sadness.
(b) Obedience.
(c) Disobedience.
(d) Anger.

8. What is the first way in which Beauty thinks of her new Mistress as she is being led away from the auction block?
(a) Rich Courtesan.
(b) Crazy women.
(c) Rich innkeeper.
(d) Madame of Ill Repute.

9. Tristan tells Beauty that he disobeyed his Master because about a year ago, in another land, Lord Stefan and he were ___________.
(a) Classmates.
(b) Hunters.
(c) Brothers.
(d) Lovers.

10. What does the auctioneer compare Beauty's hair to as he is describing her to the crowd?
(a) Rapturous yellow.
(b) Spun gold.
(c) Hay.
(d) Golden coins.

11. Even as he was on the auction block, Tristan thought about Beauty's __________ and questions in his mind.
(a) Hair.
(b) Lips.
(c) Words.
(d) Hands.

12. Tristan sees as many as 8 or 10 slaves attached and harnessed to larger _____________.
(a) Coaches.
(b) Doors.
(c) Tethers.
(d) Carts.

13. Beauty thinks it's amazing that the prince on the torture device is able to keep his _______________ during the pain.
(a) Eyes open.
(b) Body in position.
(c) Screams quiet.
(d) Breath steady.

14. Which slave was the undisputed favorite of the Prince, according to the opening of the book?
(a) Beauty.
(b) Amy.
(c) Richard.
(d) Tristan.

15. What begins to take Beauty to her new place of enslavement as the opening chapter ends?
(a) Carriage.
(b) Cart.
(c) Train.
(d) Horse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where were the soldiers riding close to so as to make sure they could still reach the slaves to beat them as they traveled?

2. The slave hanging on the front of the inn hung like ripe _________ from a shingle, perking up when the Mistress arrived.

3. The woman she was with was walking so fast that Beauty had to ________, even if she didn't want to.

4. Beauty realizes the slaves are beginning to look normal to her; one cleaned a ______________ on her hands and knees.

5. The slave must always enter the house on ______________ without begin told, according to Nicolas.

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