Beauty's Punishment Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Prologue: The Story Thus Far

* The Crown Prince has saved Beauty.

* Beauty is put on a cart to be taken to auction where she will be sold.

Parts 1-3

* Beauty, Tristan, and the others are driven to the auction.

* Tristan and Beauty talk about their slave lives.

* The slaves are told to run to the center of town, being paddled as they run.

* The rules of the Spring Auction are presented by the Commander of the Patrol.

Parts 4-6

* Beauty is humiliated while in front of everyone.

* Beauty is sold to the innkeeper.

* Mistress Lockley explains the rules to Beauty.

* Beauty is taken to an open shed where the slaves sleep.

* Roger speaks with Beauty.

Part 7-8

* Beauty resists the Captain of the Guard and he forced himself on her.

* The Captain claims Beauty as his slave.

* Beauty sees the many tortures a slave has to endure in...

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