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Kami Garcia
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Short Answer Questions

1. When Lena levitates to investigate Ridley in the room behind the bar in Chapter 22: "Bird in a Gilded Cage,” she notes that Ridley is trapped and almost looks like a damaged what?

2. What Cast does Lena speak in order to free Ridley from the cage in Chapter 22: "Bird in a Gilded Cage"?

3. Who is described in Chapter 19: "Mortal Problems" as wearing a rumpled white suit and string tie and as “Satan himself, at least as far as Gatlin County was concerned”?

4. Lena says in Chapter 21: "Dark Side of the Moon,” “One thing about former Incubuses: They really appreciate” what?

5. By what nickname does Ridley call Link when she first sees him in Chapter 23: "Dar-ee Keen"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What creature attempts to take The Book of Moons in Chapter 25: “Death’s Door”? What happens?

2. Why and how does Amma show apprehension regarding Ridley in Chapter 27: "The Cracks in Everything"?

3. What does Lena consider about Aunt Del’s abilities in Chapter 29: "The Hands of the Dead"?

4. How does the narrative perspective change in Book Two: “Lena”? What are Lena and her friends doing in the opening of Chapter 19: "Mortal Problems"?

5. Who is chosen to guard The Book of Moons when Lena and the others leave it on Lila’s grave in Chapter 25: "Death's Door"?

6. Where do Lena and her friends go for help when The Book of Moons stays on the grave?

7. Describe the character of Amma in the novel. What is Amma’s relationship to Ethan and Lena?

8. Where have Lena’s family members been on vacation? What does she suspect has brought them home in Chapter 27: “The Cracks in Everything”?

9. How does Amma respond when she first encounters Macon Ravenwood in Chapter 29: "The Hands of the Dead"?

10. How does Abraham meet his demise in Chapter 24: "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the setting of the Otherworld that Ethan awakens in. The room that Ethan first discovers appears to be what? What solidifies Ethan’s suspicions that he died? Who does Ethan first encounter in the Otherworld?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss the setting of Greenbrier in the novel. Where is this plantation in relation to Wate’s Landing and Ravenwood Manor? What is the history of Greenbrier? Who is buried on the Greenbrier grounds?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and analyze the character of Lena Duchannes in the novel. What does Lena look like? Where does Lena live? What supernatural powers does Lena have in Beautiful Redemption?

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