Beautiful Redemption Short Essay - Answer Key

Kami Garcia
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1. What information is related in the Prologue: “Beginning Again? What tone is established in this opening?

In the novel's prologue, titled "Beginning Again," Lena Duchannes relates that Ethan Wate died when he jumped or fell from the Summerville water tower; she cannot get over her grief from his death. The narrative in this section is poetic and has a grief-ridden tone.

2. How is Beautiful Redemption structured? How are the sections of the book delineated and who narrates?

The novel is divided into three parts, named for the character that narrates the section. Part One is titled "Ethan" and is presented from Ethan's point of view in the Otherworld. Part Two comes from Lena’s point of view in Gatlin, and Part Three returns to Ethan’s perspective.

3. Where is Ethan when he awakens in the opening of Chapter 1: "Home"? What does he realize about his situation?

Ethan Wate awakens to find himself in his childhood room at Wate's Landing, his family's estate; Ethan is unsure whether he has died or not, but his suspicions are confirmed when he encounters his mother, Lila Evers Wate, downstairs cooking him breakfast.

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