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Kami Garcia
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two: Lena.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What route does Ethan instinctively look for as he heads toward Main Street in Chapter 3: "This Side or the Next"?
(a) Route 9
(b) Route 7
(c) Route 66
(d) Route 18

2. What is the name of Macon’s wolfdog in the novel?
(a) The Lilum
(b) Barclay
(c) Boo Radley
(d) Link

3. What kind of bird circles above Lena and the others as they make their way to the oldest part of the cemetery in Chapter 24: "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle"?
(a) A hummingbird
(b) A raven
(c) A crow
(d) A mockingbird

4. When Ethan awakens in Chapter 1: "Home,” he is in his old bedroom at what estate?
(a) Ravenwood Manor
(b) Wate’s Landing
(c) His Garden of Perpetual Peace
(d) Greenbrier

5. Ethan says that after his mother’s death, Marian told him about a Buddhist class she took where in Chapter 1: "Home"?
(a) Duke University
(b) Boston University
(c) Loyola University
(d) Louisiana State University

Short Answer Questions

1. During their extravagant dinner in Ravenwood Manor, Macon says to Lena that the spread is “a tantalizing table of treason” as who would say?

2. When Lena and John enter the bar they’ve been seeking in the beginning of Chapter 22: "Bird in a Gilded Cage,” Lena describes the establishment as smelling like what?

3. What is the answer to the clue Ethan puts in the crossword puzzle for eleven across: “As in, apparition or phantasm” in Chapter 9: "Stars and Stripes"?

4. What does Link stab Abraham with in Chapter 24: "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle"?

5. What is the name of the band that Link is in?

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