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Kami Garcia
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three: Ethan.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the answer to Amma’s clue in the crossword puzzle in Chapter 38: "Eleven Across": “Ten across. As in, an expression of joy”?
(a) Peace
(b) Hallelujah
(c) Amazing
(d) Presto

2. The ladies from what organization have planted saplings by the door of the Gatlin Public Library in Chapter 38: "Eleven Across"?
(a) The DAR
(b) The Library Association
(c) The YWCA
(d) The Ladies’ Auxiliary Club

3. The titles of Books One, Two and Three are based on what?
(a) Who is the antagonist in that section
(b) Who narrates that section
(c) Who is deceased in that section
(d) Who is the most powerful Caster in that section

4. Who is described in Chapter 19: "Mortal Problems" as wearing a rumpled white suit and string tie and as “Satan himself, at least as far as Gatlin County was concerned”?
(a) Uncle Barclay
(b) The Lilum
(c) Link
(d) Abraham

5. Which of the Sisters is said to wash the garbage when no one is looking in Chapter 20: "A Deal with the Devil"?
(a) Mercy Lynne
(b) Grace
(c) Samantha Ann
(d) Prudence

Short Answer Questions

1. Who had told Ethan that Ethan Carter Wate, his ancestor, had been to the Great Keep?

2. What kind of bird circles above Lena and the others as they make their way to the oldest part of the cemetery in Chapter 24: "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle"?

3. What does Ethan smell in Amma’s kitchen when he enters Wate’s Landing in Chapter 7: "Crosswords"?

4. How much Incubus is Link said to be in Chapter 23: "Dar-ee Keen"?

5. In what book does Ethan describe a sock sticking out as a bookmark in Chapter 2: "Fried Green Tomatoes"?

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