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Kami Garcia
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three: Ethan.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Cast does Lena speak in order to free Ridley from the cage in Chapter 22: "Bird in a Gilded Cage"?
(a) Remembrance
(b) Scribio
(c) Oblivio
(d) Aurae Aspirent

2. Who does Macon say left him a note to say where he and Lena would be going in Chapter 25: "Death's Door"?
(a) Bud Clayton
(b) Aunt Del
(c) Link
(d) John

3. What Celtic symbol adorns Ethan’s mother’s grave in Chapter 3: "This Side or the Next"?
(a) Awen
(b) Phoenix
(c) Pan
(d) Oden

4. In the beginning of Chapter 30: "Lost Time,” Ethan telepathically thinks to Lena, “You wouldn’t believe this place. I feel like I’m living in” what?
(a) A palace of unending treasures
(b) A harem in Iran
(c) A ten-thousand-year-old temple
(d) An ancient graveyard

5. Ethan describes the gravel that he’s cataloguing for Xavier as being the perfect shade of gray for whose driveway in Chapter 30: "Lost Time"?
(a) Dean Wilks’
(b) Mrs. Lincoln’s
(c) Dr. Ashcroft’s
(d) Bud Clayton’s

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Liv’s boyfriend who is with her in Chapter 19: "Mortal Problems"?

2. What are stacked in the middle of Lena’s room in Chapter 6: "Silver Button"?

3. By what name does Amma’s grandmother call her in Chapter 8: "Broken Bottles"?

4. What weapon does Sarafine say she used to kill Ethan “in warm Mortal blood” in Chapter 32: "Throne of Bones"?

5. What book does Ethan describe reading that is about a man who voyages into the nine circles of Hell in Chapter 1: "Home"?

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