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Kami Garcia
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two: Lena.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What follows “Prudence Jane Statham” on her gravestone, as described in Chapter 3: "This Side or the Next"?
(a) The Best Baker in Gatlin
(b) May She Rest in Peace
(c) Go Softly into the Dark Night
(d) The Belle of the Ball

2. What is the term used in the novel for a mortal that uses forms of voodoo?
(a) Bokor
(b) Thaumaturge
(c) Cataclyst
(d) Empath

3. What is described by Lena in Chapter 19: "Mortal Problems" as “only the book that had destroyed our lives, and the lives of all the Casters in my family before me on our sixteenth birthdays”?
(a) The Book of Suns
(b) The Book of Songs
(c) The Book of Moons
(d) The Book of Stars

4. What is the answer to the clue Ethan puts in the crossword puzzle for six down: “As in, parochial. Local. Insular. The place we’re stuck, whether in the Otherworld or the Mortal one” in Chapter 9: "Stars and Stripes"?
(a) Malvern
(b) Cleveland
(c) Jackson
(d) Gatlin

5. Who tells Ethan that he must destroy his page from the Caster Chronicles in order to attain his objective in Chapter 10: "Snake Eyes"?
(a) Obidias
(b) Xavier
(c) Uncle Barclay
(d) Bud Clayton

Short Answer Questions

1. What musical piece is Lena’s viola playing when she and the others return from New Orleans in Chapter 22: "Bird in a Gilded Cage"?

2. What word is used in the novel to describe when the characters are telepathically communicating?

3. In Chapter 4: “Catfish Crossin’,” Aunt Prue tells Ethan, “you can’t make preserves until you learn how to” what?

4. By what nickname does Ridley call Link when she first sees him in Chapter 23: "Dar-ee Keen"?

5. How old is Ethan said to be in Chapter 2: "Fried Green Tomatoes"?

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