Objects & Places from Beautiful Redemption

Kami Garcia
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This is the name of the place where Ethan awakens in the beginning of the novel. It is described as a different plane from that of the living.


This is the location where Ethan's body has been buried in the novel, alongside the graves of the Duchannes.

Wate's Landing

This is the name of the estate and home of Ethan's family.


This is the name of the fictional South Carolina town where the story takes place.

Crossword Puzzle

Ethan communicates with Lena and Amma by manipulating the publication of this section in the local newspaper.

The Book of Moons

This is the book that Ethan realizes he must give to Xavier; he sends Lena a message in the Mortal world letting her know that he needs to obtain this book of Casts

His Garden of Perpetual Peace

This is the name of the town cemetery...

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