Beautiful Redemption Multiple Choice Test Questions

Kami Garcia
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Book One: Ethan

1. In the prologue to the book, “Beginning Again,” Lena reveals that Ethan was killed when he jumped off of what?
(a) The Summerville water tower
(b) The canoe on the River Styx
(c) The Gatlin River bridge
(d) The Empire State building

2. Ethan says that after his mother’s death, Marian told him about a Buddhist class she took where in Chapter 1: "Home"?
(a) Boston University
(b) Louisiana State University
(c) Loyola University
(d) Duke University

3. Who was the teacher of Marian’s Buddhist class she has told Ethan about in Chapter 1: "Home"?
(a) The Big Lebowski
(b) Serenity Steve
(c) The Dude
(d) Buddha Bob

4. What book does Ethan describe reading that is about a man who voyages into the nine circles of Hell in Chapter 1: "Home"?
(a) Poetics
(b) The Divine Comedy
(c) Romeo and Juliet
(d) Inferno

5. When Ethan awakens in Chapter 1: "Home,” he is in his old bedroom at what estate?
(a) His Garden of Perpetual Peace
(b) Ravenwood Manor
(c) Greenbrier
(d) Wate’s Landing

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