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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator find of Edith's that surprises him in Chapter 44?
(a) Mascara.
(b) Holy Water.
(c) A vibrator.
(d) A bible.

2. What does the narrator do when Edith and F. are busy in Chapter 44?
(a) Has a sandwich.
(b) Makes a phone call.
(c) Rifles through Edith's drawers.
(d) Goes outside to smoke a cigarette.

3. Who argues Catherine should be buried in the church?
(a) Pedro.
(b) Edith.
(c) Claude.
(d) Pierre.

4. What does F. wake the narrator up for and drag him to in Chapter 47 of "A History of Them All"?
(a) A protest against religion.
(b) A celebration of Catherine Tekakwitha.
(c) A protest against Queen Elizabeth.
(d) A party.

5. What does F. believe about the Free Quebec movement?
(a) He hates it.
(b) It has gained strength.
(c) It has grown soft.
(d) It needs to move forward.

6. What happens to Catherine's best friend when she whips her ?
(a) She cries and prays to god.
(b) She dies.
(c) She nearly bleeds to death.
(d) She become a renewed virgin.

7. What does Catherine ask God about human beings in Chapter 6 of "A Long Letter from F."?
(a) How to find F.
(b) Where to go after she dies.
(c) Why she is a saint.
(d) Why humans must eat to survive.

8. With what do F. and Edith bathe?
(a) Elephant tusk.
(b) A special soap made of human skin.
(c) Dove soap.
(d) Coconut juice.

9. What is the prayer chanted for in Chapter 49 of "A History of Them All"?
(a) Religious acceptance.
(b) Sexuality.
(c) Metamorphosis.
(d) Healing.

10. In Chapter 50 of "A History of Them All", where does F. eventually visit the narrator?
(a) His dreams.
(b) His tree house.
(c) His apartment.
(d) A tent.

11. What does F. find in the woman who watches him write "A Long Letter from F."?
(a) His letter.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Her heart.
(d) Her soul.

12. Who interrupts Edith and F. from their intimacy in "A Long Letter from F."?
(a) Catherine's uncle.
(b) Catherine.
(c) The Argentine Waiter.
(d) The narrator.

13. What does the woman who watches F. write "A Long Letter from F." invite F. to do?
(a) Massage her.
(b) Lick her toes.
(c) Kiss her.
(d) Sing to her.

14. According to F., who is obsessed with whiteness?
(a) The A --- tribe.
(b) Protestants.
(c) Edith.
(d) Catholics.

15. What does F. comment on in Chapter 18 in regards to Catherine's death from "A Long Letter from F."?
(a) Its fallacy.
(b) Its racial implications.
(c) Its veracity.
(d) Its power.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Catherine ask the priests in Chapter 12 of "A Long Letter from F."?

2. Where does the narrator leave in Chapter 44 of "A History of Them All"?

3. How does Edith pleasure F. in "A Long Letter from F."?

4. What does the narrator wish F. had left him instead of his possessions?

5. What does Catherine cut herself with in the woods?

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