Beautiful Losers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the world in which the narrator lives in the novel.

The narrator is living in a psycho-sexual hell where he is longing for a blessed Iroquois woman and his lost lovers. He is in a state of suffrage and depression in which he no longer wants to be included.

2. The novel was written in the 1960s. How do the contents of the novel relate to that time?

The novel is like the time in which it was written because it is about the celebration of sex and is very much like the orgiastic humanistic days of the mid sixties. The narrator, F., and Edith are a continuous experimentation of where sex can take one's physical state of being like the experimentation of the time.

3. Describe how F. and Edith die.

F. dies in an asylum from syphilis. Edith dies as an act of revenge on the narrator. She climbs into an elevator shaft and is crushed.

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