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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The History of Them All: Chapters 35-43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what office has F. been elected?
(a) President.
(b) Parliament.
(c) Priest of the tribe.
(d) To lead the Canadian army.

2. What does the narrator recall F. saying in Chapter 4 of "A History of Them All"?
(a) He longs to have sex with a saint.
(b) He is sexually charged.
(c) He loves Edith.
(d) He wants to have sex with the narrator.

3. In Chapter 13 of "A History of Them All," what has the narrator stopped doing since he read about the plague?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Talking.
(c) Eating.
(d) Working and showering.

4. The narrator has lost ____________.
(a) His lover and daughter.
(b) His wife and male lover.
(c) His wife and daughter.
(d) His dad and mother.

5. What has happened to the narrator's bowels by Chapter 13 of "A History of Them All"?
(a) They have changed colors.
(b) They are bleeding.
(c) He has not had a bowel movement in days.
(d) He cannot stop going to the bathroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What body part does the narrator think about of Edith's in Chapter 12 of "A History of Them All"?

2. In what type of environment do the Iroquois live?

3. For what purpose is the plan F. uses to lose weight intended?

4. What do F. and the narrator eat in Chapter 18 of "A History of Them All"?

5. Who is beaten and disowned by their family?

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